Outside Inspiration

Polygon portrait of actor Tom Hiddleston, done in Illustrator.

Samson. Pencil and Photoshop: 8x10

Deltarune MVPs
Photoshop, 8x10

Loki, god of mischief!
Pallet Challenge
5x4, Photoshop

Do Startouched Elves Dream of Rain?
The Dragon Prince Fanart
8.5x10, Pencil and Photoshop

Symbolic Fanart of two characters from Toby Fox’s computer game “Undertale.” Copic markers, 8.5 x 10

Adam the Bawdy Juggler
Photoshop, 8x10

Fallen stars and a Heart to Heart Chat! Ghibli/ Wonderstorm crossover fanart, 5x5

Summary of the biblical “Jonah” story. 8x12, Copic Markers


I am often inspired by the movies I watch and the books I read. Sometimes I use them to further my artistic goals!