Outside Inspiration

Polygon portrait of actor Tom Hiddleston, done in Illustrator.

Samson. Pencil and Photoshop: 8x10

Deltarune MVPs
Photoshop, 8x10

Symbolic Fanart of two characters from Toby Fox’s computer game “Undertale.” Copic markers, 8.5 x 10

Loki, god of mischief!
Pallet Challenge
5x4, Photoshop

Do Startouched Elves Dream of Rain?
The Dragon Prince Fanart
8.5x10, Pencil and Photoshop

Adam the Bawdy Juggler
Photoshop, 8x10

Fallen stars and a Heart to Heart Chat! Ghibli/ Wonderstorm crossover fanart, 5x5

Summary of the biblical “Jonah” story. 8x12, Copic Markers


I am often inspired by the movies I watch and the books I read. Sometimes I use them to further my artistic goals!