Commercial Works

Officially Liscenced Marvel “Winter Soldier” tshirt design formerly available from forfansbyfans

Stamp Design for Flylife Discgolf 5x5 illustrator

“Long Live the Queen” Tshirt Design
12x9, Sketched in pencil first, added colors on Photoshop second.
Available at

Commission of a patron’s Dungeons and Dragons Character. 9x11, photoshop

Winning Bag Design for the Homestuck Contest 3 at forfansbyfans

Discobolus Stamp Commission for Third Coast Discs 4x4 vector.

Cover art for Segula magazine’s Comic Book issue. 8x12, photoshop colored.

Green Dragon for a 43x43 inch Silk Scarf

Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) Card Design
4x6, Photoshop

Colorization of a sketch of Freud for the cover of Segula Magazine (the little spiderman is also mine!)


Various works created and used for commercial purposes.