Commercial Works

Piece for Aspiro Art Zine – Archmage Aaravos,
from Netflix' The Dragon Prince
Photoshop, 8x10

Nymph Design for a 52"x52" silk scarf

“Long Live the Queen” Tshirt Design
12x9, Sketched in pencil first, added colors on Photoshop second.
Available at

Winning Bag Design for the Homestuck Contest 3 at forfansbyfans

Officially-Licensed Guild Wars 2 Print/Tee design

Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) Card Design
4x6, Photoshop

Fan commission of a scene from Voyage of the Baslisk by Marie Brennan

Officially Liscenced Marvel “Winter Soldier” tshirt design formerly available from forfansbyfans

Design for a Disc Golf stamp, 4x4 vector


Various works created and used for commercial purposes.